28 May 2012

Inspirational Images.

This post will contain some inspirational images that I've found from many places on the internet. Be it Tumblr or other blogs. These images have caught my eye for one reason or another and have me inspired to either recreate what I liked about them or improve myself in one way or another. 


At the moment I've had a bit of an interest in a fuller looking fringe. After seeing a few of these images I finally had the guts to cut my fringe. It's not as full as some of these images but it's an improvement!

Very interesting braiding work on these three images, I'd love to recreate them but I can't reach/see behind my head (obviously). Now, to find someone to do it for me! Also, I love the pink.

I love the curls in all these images. I've tried curling my hair, and it looks lovely! But unfortunately my hair will not hold curls for any longer than an hour, no matter what I try! Maybe I need to try a pre-curled wig.

The previous three images are of very beautiful eye make up. I've never tried to fully recreate this type of look, as of yet. I don't posses circle lenses or Asian branded false lashes but they're definitely something I'm looking into buying. Due to lack of income at the moment, I won't be able to do that for a while. 
But always so beautiful. 

I really love the fashion in these images. The studs in the shorts pocket seems so easy to do! I think I might buy some studs and try it out. I love the socks too, now where to get my hands on a pair of those?

 I can't express how much I adore this hair colour. If only I had the guts to dye mine like this.

The last three images aren't fashion or beauty based but just some really cute pictures. Firstly, I'd love another tamagotchi to deco! And since when were tamagotchi's in colour?! The picture of the cat is because I really want one. Unfortunately my mother dislikes cats so I can't have one, it's a sad, sad day. Lastly, this picture is just to inspire me to gather a bigger Hello Kitty collection.

I hope you enjoyed what I enjoy.

*If any of these images are yours and you would like credit and a link back, please email me to let me know*


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