9 May 2012

This weeks update!

I haven’t been posting an awful lot lately and I apologise for that. It’s been due to an illness I’ve had over the weekend and a bit of head stress.

I’ve been pondering over what I’m going to do with myself recently. At the moment I’m unemployed and totally skint and it’s been getting me down. Which is also another reason why I haven’t been posting, because I’ve had nothing to post about! I’ve been stuck in a lot and I haven’t been able to buy anything either. I’m stuck in a bit of a rut.

I’m on an intensive job search, looking everyday and I might wander all the shops and try handing out cvs. That should hopefully get me somewhere. It’s horrible not having any money! I’ve had to borrow some to pay my car insurance tomorrow. Stress stress stress!

Another idea I’ve had was to take my interest in the Japanese language further. I’ve been looking up courses and such in my area and hoping to find something suitable (and not crazy expensive!). I’ve tried teaching myself and using the internet to aid that but I haven’t managed to keep any of it in my head, apart from some very basics and the first five hiragana characters. I think I’d work better with some formal training.

The first place I looked was some night schools, of which there was none that did Japanese language. I tried at the University but you need A levels to do the degree which unfortunately I don’t have. After a few phone calls I’ve been informed that I should be able to do a specific evening course for a reasonable fee and then go on to the degree. Which is lovely news! But in the meantime I still need a job to get by.

All in all, this has been getting me down. It hasn’t really put me in the mood to post things, and it hasn’t really given me much to post about. So I’m very sorry, my lovely readers. Hopefully though, soon enough I’ll be on my feet with a better life to post about!

Luckily this morning I received some good mail and today I’ve made some yummy dinner so that’s a little something to post about in a day or two.

Sorry about another terrible post! But I still appreciate all my lovely followers.

If you’d like to know more about what I’m up to between posts you can add me on my twitter where I update fairly regularly. I also have Instagram which gets filled with random photos from my days, so that could be fun for you too! Tumblr is also all the rage, I have that too.

Both Twitter and Instagram usernames are @taylalatbh

Thank you for your patience. 

 Two very vague photos of todays outfit to finish up!



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