1 June 2012

Blog Improvements!

Hello, hello! Welcome to a lovely Friday afternoon! How are we all today?

I'm sorry for the lateness in this post. I was meant to do so two days ago from the iPhone blogger app that I downloaded and was trying for the first time. But it wouldn't let me publish the post! So I had to wait two days before I was back infront of a computer to get this post out to you. So I'm terribly sorry for a boring week of no posts!

Not a major blog post today, just to give you an update on some site maintenance I got working on the other night. It was only a few minor aesthetic tweaks but I think it makes a difference and adds better useability for you lovely followers!

But here comes the big question for you, can you spot the differences?

Also, what do you think of the updates to the blogs layout?

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Just another question for you lovely followers, what sort of posts would you like to see in the next few weeks?

Enjoy your weekends!


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