29 July 2012

This week on Instagram.

Here here. Another edition of 'This week on Instagram' is upon us. A nice sunny week this week, soon to be followed by bad weather once again. Just in time for the Olympics, it seems. This week I've spent some time in the sun (not sunbathing) and mainly taking care of my grandfather. 

The uploads this week don't really represent that at all, but just a few snapshots into what I get up to. Small selection this week, please enjoy. 

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Sat in my car, roasting! Wearing my new dungarees!

Hello Kitty pasta shapes and some bread and butter. Lovely supper.

Still trying to get all this Hiragana down. Struggling at any more than the first 30.

New Bork Laser tshirt in time for Raw 1000 last Monday. It was a hit.

Cats will sit on anything! Just put my laptop case down and Penny jumped straight on it.

Nice handful of mail this week! A good few goodies I should blog about.

A PINK card machine! What is this madness!

Nice mug full of apple slices. Can't complain!
Nice week this week. Watched the Olympics opening ceremony (a bit) and have been putting it on when there's nothing else on, because it's taken over a lot of the channels. 

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What are you getting up to this week?

28 July 2012

Dino Nails

Today I spent the day at my house with my boyfriend. In need of something to do, my lovely boyfriend decided to paint my nails for me. Now I can only assume this is his first time at trying to paint nails. I think he did quite a good job, really!

Some photos:

He chose the colours and the design. I think the green and yellow nails look a bit like a dinosaur, hint the post title!

For a first attempt, looks pretty good!

Have you ever let your other halves paint your nails?

26 July 2012

New Laptop + Case!

Hello lovely readers ^_^

As some of you may or may not know, it was my 21st birthday a few weeks ago and I got an amazing laptop for it.

She's an absolute beauty! She's a metallic purpley colour and actually runs The Sims 3 and all the EP's with ease! Which is what I wanted it for, really.

And obviously I jazzed it up with all the Hello Kitty I  could! 

Lock screen and all! I'm sure there's more I can customise, too. I'm looking into it!

And what colour make it more kawaii than a Hello Kitty laptop case!

I've waited two weeks for this to arrive and I'm so happy, it's so pretty!

It matches my other Hello Kitty cases now too -_^

My laptop, my netbook and my iPad are all kawaii and Hello Kitty.

Do you have any kawaii cases?

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23 July 2012

New Phone Cover!

I recently won a wonderful giveaway from the lovely Emma from Bloomzy.co.uk courtesy of Iconemesis.co.uk

Iconemesis is a company that takes amazing artwork and puts it straight on a phone case! Sounds lovely to me!

So, after winning one from Emma I was able to choose from their website which design I wanted. I chose the one called 'Cat Party'.

Here it is. 

And a close up!
I absolutely love this case! It shows off my new found love for cats. My favourite one is that little orange guy in the middle, with the party hat, with the big smile. So pretty! 

Here's an Instagram upload of me showing off my new case (and my new fringe!). It's so lovely on, and it fits great!

What phone case do you have on at the moment?

22 July 2012

This week on Instagram.

Hello, hello. Welcome back, to this, another edition of 'This week on Instagram'. A healthy selection of uploads for you to glare at this week. Starting off with last Sunday which was the WWE PPV Money in the Bank. In aid of that I made some money themed cupcakes (dollar signs on them!). 

Also this week, a lot of moaning about the weather, which must have worked because it's sunny now! And a new hair cut. Look ahead for the images of the week.

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Money in the Bank cupcakes. Tasted great! There was a chocolate surprise in each of them.

First most successful attempt at putting on false eyelashes. No make up on with it though, which is why the rest of it looks so terrible.

These were the gems I picked out for a bit of nail art. It didn't go too well so my nails ended up unpainted. I'll try again next week I think.

Due to not having any aerials around the house I had to watch DVD's all week. Now, to choose one.

Weather moaning number one. Where's the summer?

It was raining. So time to bring out my 'it's raining' boots. Served me well.

My nan knitted this little jumper for my cousins baby. Cute!

That's right British weather. The suns due out!

Got my hair did. Big fringe.

OOTD. With some detail shots. Ahh, I love iPhone apps!

Barney Bear having a sleep. He's so cute!

SoundHound recommended I listen to Justin Bieber. This, I'm not happy about.

Went out for dinner last night, this was the tablecloth. New iPhone wall paper I think?

Was totally stuffed from the dinner, I had room to eat all the cake though, didn't I?

New iPhone case from the lovely Bloomzy and Iconemesis. Cat Party!

Lastly, this is all the Hiragana I've got memorised so far. I'm proud of myself! A few weeks ago my brain wouldn't hold any of it in, I'm doing a bit better now.
Slightly more eventful week than before. I've gotten used to being 21 now so that's cool. Should be applying for a Japanese night class soon, and some for cooking classes too! 

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Do you have any fancy plans for the week?

18 July 2012

Review: Rimmel Nail Rescue.

Rimmel Nail Rescue.

Est. £4.59

12 ml.    

Rimmel Says:

'Rimmel Nail Rescue And Nail Hardener makes nails noticeably harder & stronger after just two weeks usage.'

I've been painting my nails a lot recently and I've noticed that they're chipping a fair bit on the ends, and the layers are flaking off on the ends too. All of my nail supplies have been packed away in storage for the next two weeks and I needed some nail polish remover to take off my chipped polish so I bought a pack of 'Quickies' nail polish remover. (review to come) and had a quick look for some nail strengthener to use for a week or so to try and repair my nails before I get all my polishes back.

I came across Rimmel's Nail Rescue. Since I'm a fan of Rimmel's nail products I thought I'd give this one a try, and hopefully it'll fix up my nails.

The instructions on the back say to paint one coat on on the first day, and a second coat on the second day, and leave it for a week.

After one week, remove all the polish, and repeat the process. One coat on the first day and the second coat the day after.

After applying the second coat on the second day, I can't say that I've noticed too much yet. The nails are still fragile on the ends and flaking slightly. It doesn't help that I uncontrolably like to pick at my nails. But I'm trying my hardest to leave them alone and let them toughen up.

So, after the two weeks of usage, I have to say I'm a little disapointed. I don't think it worked as well as it says it would. My nails are (and did for the two weeks) still chip and peel away so I lost a lot of length over the two weeks.

Positively, though, my nails do feel a bit stronger and now they're all shorter they don't see o be so brittle on the ends. But we shall see after they've grown a bit more.

  • Not too badly priced, and it could work for your nails.
  • Leaves nails stronger.

  • I don't really think it worked for my nails.
  • Lost a lot of nail length due to chipping.

I don't think I'd buy another bottle but I would try this one again if my nails needed some repair treatment and a break from coloured polish.

17 July 2012

I just discovered..

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu! 

And I can't believe I haven't come across her sooner. I've been listening to her songs for the past few days non-stop. She's the first sort of introduction I have into JPop and I think I'm hooked o.o

I've had this song stuck in my head for days. I can't sing along too well because my Japanese isn't up to scratch but I remember the tune! It's so catchy and the video is intense. Kawaii overload.

I just thought I'd share this with you. ^_^

Do you have any JPop recommendations? I'd love more stuff to listen to >.<


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15 July 2012

This week on Instagram.

Hello again. Here we are with another weekly edition of 'My week on Instagram'. Fairly busy week for me this week, few chores here and there. But the main thing was I turned 21! Not a too outrageous birthday though. The ladies in the family went to a posh hotel for a bit of a spa day and I had a lovely facial. In the evening then, I went out for some dinner with my other half. All in all a good day. I'll get on to the presents in the pictures. :)

Quite a few uploads this week, and some of my presents. Hehe. ^_^
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Treated myself to a yummy chocolate bar. Yum yum.

Something I made last Sunday. Not great, but it kept me busy for an hour!

Sleepy Barney Bear having a cuddle on my lap.

This is how he sleeps!

I love my new earrings. I bought them in the sale at River Island.

Totally clashing socks and jeans. And yes, I went out like this!

This was taken the day before my birthday. I had a new laptop but I couldn't open it. I had to stare at this box all night!

My presents off my lovely boyfriend. Some Hello Kitty goodies, a Japanese language learning pack and two sims games. I couldn't ask for anything more. ^_^

Yay. Finally was allowed to open it. It's amazing, and it plays the sims brilliantly!

My collection of Sims 3 games (you should see the rest!) Almost got them all.

My get up for the spa day. Kawaii.

Part of the meal we had. One of the cheeses smelt like feet though -.-

Nerd Alert. Three PC's running.

OOTD one day this week. Nothing fancy but I was wearing my Hello Kitty tshirt. :)

Last one is of Barney. At the moment he seems to have this one ear stuck up and the other one down, it doesn't change!
Some birthday pics, some of my Pup. Not a lot happened this week, picture wise. It's cool though, there's always next week. ^_^
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I have to run off to get my freshly made bacon sandwich. What are you up to this week?