20 May 2012

This week on Instagram.

Welcome to this weeks edition of 'The week on Instagram'! Not a lot has happened this week (as usual!) but I've still managed to take a few pictures and pop them on Instagram. This is just a catch up for people who don't follow me on Instagram, and even for people who do!

Had a bit of rain this week but we're back to good old sunshine on this lazy Sunday afternoon. Gearing myself up for a late night tonight, WWE PPV Over The Limit is on at 1AM so that should be a good one!

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NOTW this week. I tried the gradient style with a twist by using different colours instead of shades of colours. I don't think it looked too bad for my second attempt at gradient!

Waiting in the car for my boyfriend at the dentist so I took a picture of my keys. Why not, I say.

Nommy GIANT chocolate buttons after my dinner up my Grampy's house. Tasty.

I didn't have a clear view of my screen when I uploaded this so I didn't realise it was pixelated. But either way, apples!

I went to Birmingham with my mother this week because she had a job interview up there. So we had some ice cream before we went home. It was so good. Just plain ol' vanilla with a chocolate cone. I did manage, however, to get it all over me and in my hair! Terrible.

Dyed my hair this week! Just touched up my roots. Fully blonded, once again.

It's hard to get a picture of wriggling kittens! I did get this one though, she's a little beauty! I wish I could take her home.

Another pixelated image of a goodie I had after lunch up my Grampy's. My iPhone is getting a bit old now, I don't think it can handle much any more.

Brought home a brownie from Birmingham too. It was SO chocolatey that I couldn't eat it all myself.

Kittens! Here are two of them sat up against the mothers back. So adorable. It's now my iPad's wallpaper.

Little Ewok keyring I came across in Tesco the other night. If you squeezed his tummy, he'd squeal. It's a shame it costed too much otherwise he'd be on my keyring!

I just enjoy this word a lot! Bizarre.

Search instead for Minecreft? No, I meant Minecraft. What's Minecreft?

This was all the food that was in the house. Yummy, I guess.

Bought a basket over my boyfriends house this week, the cats love it. Isn't she lovely?

Oh, and my Megu evolved last night. She's cute now!

That's it for this weeks edition of 'This week on Instagram'.
Let me know if you enjoyed the pictures of this week!
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