26 May 2012

NOTW: Nails of the Week!

So here's a post about what I did to my nails this week!

Since we've had nice weather this week where I am, I thought I'd choose a summery colour for my nails, get myself in the spirit of things! 

Here's what I used: 

Two colours from Rimmel's 60 seconds range and a stamping plate I bought from eBay.

After the base coat I used this lovely orangey colour for the main colour. I used two coats. This colour is called Instyle Coral. 

For the stamping colour used on the ring finger and thumb of each hand I used 'Blue Eyed Girl', a stunning shade of blue.

Just a picture to show the stamping kit. This post is from when I first got the kit, and how it's used. In the reflection of the plate you can see RKO written in magnets on my radiator ^_^

Are you ready for the final result?

The quality isn't too great (I'm terrible with cameras) but you get the jist! Some nice Sonic PJ's behind my hand, there.

So those are my nails of the week. Have you tried experimenting with nail art stamps?


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