10 April 2012

Review: Rimmel Waterproof Gel Eyeliner


Rimmel Waterproof Gel Eyeliner

Colour 001 Black

Est. £6.49

0.07 oz 2g

Rimmel Says:

'The fantastic professional Rimmel London Glam Eyes Gel Eyeliner helps to reduce smudges and smears leaving absolutely nothing but the sharpest of lines behind.'

As a big fan of another one of Rimmel’s eyeliners, I decided to try this one to see if it was as good, or even better. I’ve heard a lot about gel eyeliners, and how a lot of people prefer them so that was another incentive to give this one a try. I know there are better ones out there but they’re also a bit more expensive. Start out small!


The packaging as far as practicality goes is really good. The gel is in the see-through plastic part of the tube, and the rest is the lid. Or is it? If you pull on the end of the handle, out comes a very neat little brush. It looks great, small enough to fit in your make up back but big enough to be usable.

Everything is a handy size, I can hold it all in one hand!

I tested the gel out with the brush on my hand first. Just to get a feel of the brush and the consistency of the gel. It produces a nicely thick line with good coverage with just one swipe. Looks good on my hand, now for my eyes!

The brush isn’t too bad on the first look, but when it comes to using the gel on your eyes, the length of the brush becomes a little bit of a problem. It’s not drastic, but it’s hard to get a good grip and precision with it. It wouldn’t be a problem to get a separate brush if you found it difficult, though.

This is the gel freshly put on. You can tell by the shine that it's still wet and a nice dark colour. It produced a nice thick line too, all in all, not bad. 

The gel itself seems to go nicely on the brush and goes onto the eye quite well. The only problem I did have was that it took a little while to dry so I ended up smudging it slightly and it got a bit everywhere. Because of this, I left what was on there, on, and let it dry. To save myself from using it again and waiting for it to dry (I was in a little bit of a rush) I just filled in the gaps with a liquid eyeliner. 

 Blurry close up on the eye put on. This was before any other make up was put on, so the finished result would be more improved with mascara and such.

I’m sure with more use of the gel and a bit more practice it would come out a lot better. I’m definitely not going to give up with it. It’s a nice alternative to my favourite liquid eyeliner.

  • Small size with the brush in the lid.
  • Dark colour.
  • Thick line.

  • Takes a little too long to dry.
  • Brush handle might be a bit hard to use for some.  

If, after a few more tries I get a little better at applying it, then I’d definitely buy it again. It’s a good product for the money you pay. I would definitely recommend it if you were interested in trying a gel eyeliner, it's a good starting point.


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