10 May 2012

Ooh, I've Got Some Mail!

Boring week this week! But I did get some mail the other day.

The first package that came. It was so taped up on the edges I couldn't get in it for ages :(

A big grey fluffy ball inside, I know what this is :D

It's a Totoro hat and scarf! It has little claws ^_^

Package number two!

This package contained a little panda eyemask, a panda (with heart eyes!) little pouch and a tofu phone holder. All little things but it's more cute for my room!
All of the above items were from eBay. The hat and scarf was around £9, and the rest were under £3 each. 

Let's finish up with a gorgeous picture of Tilly having a snooze on the sofa. She's beautiful!



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