6 May 2012

This week on Instagram.

This week has been a terrible week of posting, I've had (and still have!) a bad cold/flu so I feel a bit too useless to post, but nevertheless I've still been taking my random photos for the week and putting them on Instagram. 

Nice easy post for me and you today so happy reading!

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The pretty Tilly wrapped up in a pretty bow! .. She hated it ^_^

Tilly again, this time she's wrapped up in the sleeve of my snuggie. Ever so cute.

The spaghetti hoops I had with my dinner one night. Nom.

Bacon toastwiches for breakfast. My favourite!

Woke up to this pretty darling one morning, lovely kitty.

My pet on Kawaii Megu evolving!

Music Magpie wanted HOW MUCH for my smurfs CD?

The cutest kitten IN THE WORLD! That my mother won't let me have :(

Tight black jeans that day.

Another cute kitten, such a pretty face.

Yummy muffin I had instead of dinner while I've been ill.

Pizza I had for dinner and breakfast the morning after ;)

He is flying so high.

May the Force be With You. May Fourth.

Sticky Post it notes. Hours of fun.

Just showing off my boring twitter page to my Instagrammers.

This was todays JeansOTD photo. But for some reason it pixelated itself so bad and I didn't realise until after I posted it because the sun was in my eyes. Cool image though. It would be awesome if they were like this! 8-bit.

That's all for this weeks edition of 'This week on Instagram'.

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