13 May 2012

This week on Instagram.

Boring week again this week. Still without any considerable amount of money so it's been very dull. Just a few photos taken this week, but I still hope you all enjoy it!
Pleasant sunny afternoon here in Wales which is uncommon but lovely all the same. 
What's it like where you are?

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Megu's evolving again!

Pretty Tilly having a sleep cuddled up on the sofa.

John Cena's uvula.

Tilly again, sleeping with her head up. Ultra cute!

Lovely healthy dinner I had one night this week. Mm!

I had to wear leggings for the first time in ages. No jeans clean -.-

Just a photo of my hair. I'm still considering dying it!

The innards of the lasagne I made this week. Yummy!

Right before it went in the oven. So much cheese!

The finished meal.

Preparing the gems to go on my toesies!

Blurry image of the finished result!

Did my fingernails too. Gradient!

Curled my hair. It lasted an hour before it was straight again -.-

New cross ring came in the mail. It's lovely!
That's it for this weeks edition of 'This week on Instagram'.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures of my week!

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Enjoy your Sunday.


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