3 May 2012

My week so far.

Well let’s start off with Sunday. It was the WWE PPV Extreme Rules that night which just so happened to be mine and a friends wrestling birthday. And by wrestling birthday I mean the PPV we started watching on last year, so one whole year! We had a little birthday cake and some candles, but we had to wait until half 12 at night to have it! It was a really tasty cake though. We also watched Iron Man that night which was rather exciting.

Monday! Very lazy day on Monday because we were up all night for the PPV. Only to then stay up all night again for WWE Monday Night Raw. No cake that night though :( But that night we did watch Iron Man 2 which was also really good.

Now onto another lazy day, Tuesday. Slept most of the day again cause I was soo very tired. Woke up to watch Thor, do you see a pattern here? We watched Captain America last week too. All in preparation for Wednesday!

Orange Wednesday! 2 for 1 at the cinema so a bunch of us went to see The Avengers. We tried at one cinema, but it was completely full so we tried another. The queue was MASSIVE. Took us a while waiting, but we managed to get in and get rather good seats. Absolutely brilliant film. If you haven’t seen it yet I’d definitely recommend it.

To get to that cinema we had to walk into town. Which meant we had to walk home. As we were getting ready to leave, I realised that it was pouring down outside. So that was a lovely walk home! Got in, completely soaked through so I put my pyjamas on and got all cosy in bed. Lovely day!

Now we’re up to today Thursday. Another uneventful day because I’ve got a cold coming on. Woke up this morning and went to a café for a fry up and now I’m back in my pyjamas staying cosy and warm because I feel terrible.

No photos from any of the above events (terrible right?) So here’s some pictures of my cousins terribly cute kittens, that I want but can’t have.

This is the little cutie that I want, it's a shame my mother hates cats :(

That's enough for cats today. For more of me and pictures of cats (because I take loads) add me on Instagram @taylalatbh and Twitter @taylalatbh too. Toodles!


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