28 May 2012

Inspirational Images.

This post will contain some inspirational images that I've found from many places on the internet. Be it Tumblr or other blogs. These images have caught my eye for one reason or another and have me inspired to either recreate what I liked about them or improve myself in one way or another. 

27 May 2012

This week on Instagram.

Welcome back to another edition of This week on Instagram. A nice easy post to scroll through on a lovely Sunday afternoon.

We've had a pretty sunny week where I live. It's excruciatingly warm today! To embrace it fully I'm going to clean my car in the sunshine. Uneventful week this week, just been trying to keep cool!
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PPV Cakes! Well, sort of cakes. We had these for the PPV last Sunday. It was a good night!

Pretty Tilly wrapped up in my snuggie again. She's so lovely!

Cute little Hello Kitty bag I bought from eBay.

The four apps I'd been using were all blue. I thought it was weird!

Eating a banana for breakfast sat in the sun in my garden. What a good day!

Packing up my room, these are a empty boxes!

Found my old Tamagotchi. Going to make it work and deco it!

Found my old Crimper. I was asking if these were still cool. What do you think?

A better picture of all the empty boxes I've kept. I think I've got a hoarding problem!

Box full of my old teddies. Aww!

Ahh. I read all these books once!

Did a bit of baking that afternoon. It's been a while!

Finished result. Yummy.

Bananas and ice cream. I'd been craving this for weeks!

My NOTW. Made a post about it.

Took my first slice. Yummy!

Another picture of Tilly. She's so cute!
Well that's it for this weeks 'This week on Instagram'.
 I hope you enjoyed my week in pictures!

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I hope next week will be good to you!

26 May 2012

NOTW: Nails of the Week!

So here's a post about what I did to my nails this week!

Since we've had nice weather this week where I am, I thought I'd choose a summery colour for my nails, get myself in the spirit of things! 

Here's what I used: 

Two colours from Rimmel's 60 seconds range and a stamping plate I bought from eBay.

After the base coat I used this lovely orangey colour for the main colour. I used two coats. This colour is called Instyle Coral. 

For the stamping colour used on the ring finger and thumb of each hand I used 'Blue Eyed Girl', a stunning shade of blue.

Just a picture to show the stamping kit. This post is from when I first got the kit, and how it's used. In the reflection of the plate you can see RKO written in magnets on my radiator ^_^

Are you ready for the final result?

The quality isn't too great (I'm terrible with cameras) but you get the jist! Some nice Sonic PJ's behind my hand, there.

So those are my nails of the week. Have you tried experimenting with nail art stamps?

24 May 2012

New Lime Crime Products!

Out Now!

Fantastic news from Lime Crime. Their new colourful eyeliners are finally here and you can get your hands on them right now!

Check out those colours! 

From left to right we have:  

Citreuse - Blue Milk - Quill - Orchidaceous - Lunar Sea - 6th Element - Lazuli

Absolutely Beautiful!
Each eyeliner can be bought separately at a price of $13.99

But also can be bought all together for a discounted price of $73.99

To visit Lime Crime's website to check out all their lovely products, please -


You'll regret it if you don't! 

23 May 2012

You've Got Mail! &-Quick Update-

Well, I have, I don't know about you! Indeed, it's that time again where I show you the goodies I receive in the mail. Usually what I've bought off of eBay! I've been away the past three days, only to come home to two lovely packages! Let's see what's inside.

*update at the bottom of this post*

Ooh, it's a big package this time! I couldn't for the life of me remember what I'd ordered so it was a lovely surprise for me! 

First up is one of those pens that you can use on a touch screen. I've already got one but I ordered this one for my little cousin and her Blackberry Playbook. I hope she likes it!

Bought from eBay for 99p with free P+P.

Next up was a little Hello Kitty bag I won in an auction on eBay. Only a little trinket. I'll probably use it for make up or toiletries. It's rather cute!

Bought from eBay also, for £2.90. 

Not bad for a few quid. I might do another eBay raid and get some cheap little goodies again soon! It also means more mail for me, and I love getting mail.



Just a note to let you all know that I should be moving house in the next two to three weeks. So please forgive me for my lack of posting and internet habits in general. I've got a lot of stuff to be doing (I should probably start packing right now) but I haven't even gotten round to it yet. I've got a busy two weeks ahead of me!

I'll still be active on Twitter if you want to contact me or just keep up with my days. If you haven't already, add me on Twitter @taylalatbh.

See you around, my friends.

20 May 2012

This week on Instagram.

Welcome to this weeks edition of 'The week on Instagram'! Not a lot has happened this week (as usual!) but I've still managed to take a few pictures and pop them on Instagram. This is just a catch up for people who don't follow me on Instagram, and even for people who do!

Had a bit of rain this week but we're back to good old sunshine on this lazy Sunday afternoon. Gearing myself up for a late night tonight, WWE PPV Over The Limit is on at 1AM so that should be a good one!

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NOTW this week. I tried the gradient style with a twist by using different colours instead of shades of colours. I don't think it looked too bad for my second attempt at gradient!

Waiting in the car for my boyfriend at the dentist so I took a picture of my keys. Why not, I say.

Nommy GIANT chocolate buttons after my dinner up my Grampy's house. Tasty.

I didn't have a clear view of my screen when I uploaded this so I didn't realise it was pixelated. But either way, apples!

I went to Birmingham with my mother this week because she had a job interview up there. So we had some ice cream before we went home. It was so good. Just plain ol' vanilla with a chocolate cone. I did manage, however, to get it all over me and in my hair! Terrible.

Dyed my hair this week! Just touched up my roots. Fully blonded, once again.

It's hard to get a picture of wriggling kittens! I did get this one though, she's a little beauty! I wish I could take her home.

Another pixelated image of a goodie I had after lunch up my Grampy's. My iPhone is getting a bit old now, I don't think it can handle much any more.

Brought home a brownie from Birmingham too. It was SO chocolatey that I couldn't eat it all myself.

Kittens! Here are two of them sat up against the mothers back. So adorable. It's now my iPad's wallpaper.

Little Ewok keyring I came across in Tesco the other night. If you squeezed his tummy, he'd squeal. It's a shame it costed too much otherwise he'd be on my keyring!

I just enjoy this word a lot! Bizarre.

Search instead for Minecreft? No, I meant Minecraft. What's Minecreft?

This was all the food that was in the house. Yummy, I guess.

Bought a basket over my boyfriends house this week, the cats love it. Isn't she lovely?

Oh, and my Megu evolved last night. She's cute now!

That's it for this weeks edition of 'This week on Instagram'.
Let me know if you enjoyed the pictures of this week!
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Enjoy the rest of your weekends.

19 May 2012

New shoes, finally!

You may or may not know this, but it's incredibly difficult for me to find shoes that fit me. My feet are half a size different to each other (which is pretty normal, actually) but they're really thin and flat. So the majority of shoes rub my feet everywhere cause the fleshy fat bits around my feet aren't fleshy and fat enough. This means I can't wear any shoes without socks either because of the same problem. So damn, damn, damn!

Anyway, in an earlier post I mentioned about a pair of shoes that I bought that fit quite nicely. Still wearing them around and they're fine. It's a good thing they came in loads of different colours because today I bought some more!

This time I chose navy blue! I would have chosen black but they didn't have any. But I suppose these should go with all my jeans so I'm all set! Though if they come back in stock in black I might get them too ^_^

Navy Boat Shoes
River Island

The best thing about it was I didn't just get one pair of shoes that fit, but two! This time I chose a pair of black daps. 

Pretty simple, nothing fancy. But they're relatively comfortable, so that's good. 

Black Daps
River Island 

So the reason I was in town today was that I had a job interview! It's just for a clothes shop, weekend job really but anything is good right now! I had to spend an hour there 'working' so they could see how I handled the customers. Should know about it next week! Wish me luck :)

Apart from today, nothing special has happened this week. I went and saw the kittens again (but I won't spam you with kitten photos because I took a lot!) and I took my boyfriends cat to the vet and that's about it. This weekend though, WWE PPV Over The Limit! It's going to be lovely! 

So it's going to be a long and sleepless weekend so I'll see you on the other side of it!

Enjoy your weekend, ladies.

18 May 2012

Sami Spoon's Giveaway!

Just a quick shout out about a lovely giveaway by a blogger friend of mine. She's got some lovely prizes up for grabs and you could be the lucky winner!

To check out her blog and go directly to the giveaway page please CLICK HERE.

Good luck to you all!

17 May 2012

NOTW: Nails of the Week!

Just a quick post containing some pictures of my nails this week! After trying out the gradient effect last time I thought I'd take it further today! Instead of using the same colour in different shades, I used three different colours to try and get a slight blend between the lines. 

Those colours were: 

Rimmel 840 Blue Eyed Girl. 415 Instyle Coral. 260 Green Grass.
Also a sponge for the gradient style.

 This was the after a few dabs of sponge and polish, looks nice!

The finished look! I added a few gems to one of the nails, and changed the direction of the stripes on the other! Quite a odd combination of colours.

Has this inspired you to try gradient?

Enjoy your day.