23 May 2012

You've Got Mail! &-Quick Update-

Well, I have, I don't know about you! Indeed, it's that time again where I show you the goodies I receive in the mail. Usually what I've bought off of eBay! I've been away the past three days, only to come home to two lovely packages! Let's see what's inside.

*update at the bottom of this post*

Ooh, it's a big package this time! I couldn't for the life of me remember what I'd ordered so it was a lovely surprise for me! 

First up is one of those pens that you can use on a touch screen. I've already got one but I ordered this one for my little cousin and her Blackberry Playbook. I hope she likes it!

Bought from eBay for 99p with free P+P.

Next up was a little Hello Kitty bag I won in an auction on eBay. Only a little trinket. I'll probably use it for make up or toiletries. It's rather cute!

Bought from eBay also, for £2.90. 

Not bad for a few quid. I might do another eBay raid and get some cheap little goodies again soon! It also means more mail for me, and I love getting mail.



Just a note to let you all know that I should be moving house in the next two to three weeks. So please forgive me for my lack of posting and internet habits in general. I've got a lot of stuff to be doing (I should probably start packing right now) but I haven't even gotten round to it yet. I've got a busy two weeks ahead of me!

I'll still be active on Twitter if you want to contact me or just keep up with my days. If you haven't already, add me on Twitter @taylalatbh.

See you around, my friends.


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