27 May 2012

This week on Instagram.

Welcome back to another edition of This week on Instagram. A nice easy post to scroll through on a lovely Sunday afternoon.

We've had a pretty sunny week where I live. It's excruciatingly warm today! To embrace it fully I'm going to clean my car in the sunshine. Uneventful week this week, just been trying to keep cool!
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PPV Cakes! Well, sort of cakes. We had these for the PPV last Sunday. It was a good night!

Pretty Tilly wrapped up in my snuggie again. She's so lovely!

Cute little Hello Kitty bag I bought from eBay.

The four apps I'd been using were all blue. I thought it was weird!

Eating a banana for breakfast sat in the sun in my garden. What a good day!

Packing up my room, these are a empty boxes!

Found my old Tamagotchi. Going to make it work and deco it!

Found my old Crimper. I was asking if these were still cool. What do you think?

A better picture of all the empty boxes I've kept. I think I've got a hoarding problem!

Box full of my old teddies. Aww!

Ahh. I read all these books once!

Did a bit of baking that afternoon. It's been a while!

Finished result. Yummy.

Bananas and ice cream. I'd been craving this for weeks!

My NOTW. Made a post about it.

Took my first slice. Yummy!

Another picture of Tilly. She's so cute!
Well that's it for this weeks 'This week on Instagram'.
 I hope you enjoyed my week in pictures!

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I hope next week will be good to you!


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