30 April 2012

This week on Instagram.

This weeks edition of 'This week on Instagram' is one day late I'm afraid. Due to a mess up in posting last week I've had to do it today, instead! I do apologise but I'm still getting it out there. It'll still be an easy post to read, just with a few photos and captions. 

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A cute little Hello Kitty box I bought from Asda.

My Zoidberg plush who lives in my bed!

My new earrings bought from eBay. <3

Rilakkuma key holder.

Cute little kitties!

Little mouse plushie. Squeak squeak.

Nails of the week!

Backside of the mouse plushie and a rat one too! Cute or not?

Rilakkuma key holder with my key in it!

Matching, unmatching shoes and socks. Stylish!

That's all for this weeks late edition of 'This week on Instagram'.

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Have a good week!

29 April 2012

This weeks update.

This is just going to be a quick update of what I've been up to this week, which hasn't been a lot!

First up, I bought a new lipstick because my old one broke off at the bottom -.-

I went cheap and cheerful with Collection 2000. Nice pink packaging!

The shade is 10 Sea Shell.

Here's what the colour is like and a swatch on my hand. Not too shiny but nice and moisturising. About £3.

Raiding Asda this week I found two Hello Kitty goodies.

The first being a little trinket box, of sorts. I think it was £3. I haven't decided what to put in it.

And a little Hello Kitty Bowl, this was only £1 and I couldn't resist. It's my apple eating bowl!

Some of you may know that the Olympics this year are going to be in London. Well, as far as I'm aware, some of the events will be in my hometown of Cardiff and this is what has just been constructed outside of the City Hall.

It's a very large structure of the Olympics Rings. I'm sorry about the terrible picture quality, I was driving at the time!

And very lastly, a picture of a kitty all wrapped up with me in a blanket. Aww, I love Kitties!

Take care, ladies!

28 April 2012

Mail Call!

Indeed it's that time again for this weeks' Mail Call. Let's start off with the first package.

Small package firstly. Let's see what's inside.

You can't tell really, but these are a cute little pair of earrings I stumbled upon on eBay. Bought for a nice 99p.

Here they are, well one of them, on. Pretty!

Next package, oooh!

It's a Rilakkuma cord holder.

It's a reasonable size, fits in my hand and its rubbery. Another 99p from eBay.

Keeping my headphones tied up nice!

Last package now, quite a biggy!

Here we have three key holders.

Rilakkuma, my favourite!


Shappo, too.

It's a shame I don't have three keys to use these all at the same time, but I can alternate! These were £1.98 on eBay. I love eBay :D

That's all from this weeks Mail Call. Have you bought anything online recently?

26 April 2012

Introducing Lime Crime Lipstick Trios

That's right, Lime Crime are now offering your favourite lipsticks in a bundle, a trio! Three full-sized lipsticks available in one purchase.

There are three different sets to choose from. Starting with..

Sweet Antoinette.

This set includes:
Great Pink Planet
Countessa Fluorescent 

Gothic Lolita.
This set includes:
Airborne Unicorn 

And lastly.. 

Creme Burlesque.
This set includes:
Glamour 101

This is definitely going to be a difficult choice! 

For more information and a closer look CLICK HERE

And don't forget! 

Palette D'Antoinette
Pressed eyeshadow palette. 

Out May 1st.

Which do you want the most?

25 April 2012

I won, I won!

At the start of April I entered a prize draw on Garnier’s Facebook page for a chance to win one of 1000 UltraLift anti-wrinkle 2in1 serum + creams. I was emailed on the 10th of April and was told that I was one of those lucky winners!

Now I know what you’re probably thinking, I’m not really old enough to be using an anti-wrinkle cream, and you’re right, I’m not. But I couldn’t miss out on the chance of winning a freebie!

This isn’t my first time dealing with Garnier and posting out products. Recently I signed up for a sample of their new BB Cream. The delivery times and packaging were fantastic. I enjoyed my sample so much that I’ve bought a whole squeezy tube of it.

So onto the main point! I came home today to see a pretty red parcel just waiting there for me to open. I buy many things from online so I’m used to a package every now and then, but I couldn’t for the life of me work out what was in this one. I buy so much online that I forget what I should be expecting.

Nicely wrapped! It wasn’t like ordinary packaging so I was excited to see what was inside. 

I was welcomed by this nice note and very nicely wrapped product.

Very lovely message.

Nice packaging for the product too, and look at the cream inside the tube! All swirly.

I probably won’t be using this cream myself as I’m not quite sure what it would do to my un-wrinkly skin but I will be offering up the product to my mother and hopefully getting her reviews back.

All in all, I’m very happy with Garnier as a company. Their products are lovely and the fact that they give away some freebies is just top-notch. I look forward to seeing what other samples and prize draws pop up on their Facebook page and hopefully deal with them again.

For more information on Garnier and how to sign up for free samples and prize draws you can visit their Facebook page.

If you’re not on Facebook, they have a website, too. www.garnier.co.uk

Until next time.

22 April 2012

This week on Instagram.

For those of you who don't have Instagram or just don't follow me on there, these are my uploads of the week. Just a catch up for you all and something nice and pleasant to read on a Sunday afternoon.

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Now onto some photos!
All the easter eggs that were left! Double Decker's anyone?

Montgomery. The little moose who lives in my car.

Randy. (The Viper) Who also lives in my car!

Newly purchased Po. £2.50, bargain!

Stuffing down some cereal from the box with a spoon, yummy.

My first Domo figure. Lovely shade of green.

Painted my nails blue earlier this week. Just taken it off and my fingers are blue!

A little bit of nail art on my toes. BIG toe!

All the items I used on my toesies!

New Creepers I bought! I LOVE them.

Tilly in her new KittyVision box.

That's all for the first edition of 'This week on Instagram'.

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Take care, ladies.