12 December 2011

Oooo. Cupcake!

Hey hey Kawaii-heads! I know I haven't posted in a few days, so I'll try my best to make up for it now.

It's going well in my new job at the moment, and the other day, my mother made me some lunch to take with me, and guess what I found in the bag..

A yummy Cupcake! Mmmm! It was so tasty. .. And on the subject of cakes..

This is the dessert I had after my Sunday dinner last night. It was so gooey and I ate every last bit. Nom!

Now on to today's nails.. I recently bought some dotting tools from eBay, so I decided to try out my first nail art design.. Dots! Let's start from the beginning..

Here is the new nail colour I bought this week. It's Rimmel's 270 Hot Shot. Now, pink isn't usually my colour of choice, but I thought I'd try it out anyway. This is the polish with one coat.

And here is the colour with two coats. Up next, the dotting tools!

These were bought on eBay for 99p! Can't really complain about that price. They are double-ended tools, and each of the ends are different sizes to create different effects. And here is what I did with it!

Just some dots! Each nail has a different pattern on it. It's a bit messy but it was my first time using a tool to create nail art. I don't think it looks too bad! The colour I used for the dots is the recently bought Models Own in Purple Grey.

And here's the designs of the other hand.

To finish off today's post, Reindeer Muffins!

Yum yum!

Thanks a lot everyone for reading and following my blog. I'd appreciate it if you could pass this blog on to your friends.

Thanks :D

8 December 2011

Nail Colour and some photos!

The other day I posted about a big cosmetics haul I had. I'm wearing one of the nail colours now so I thought I'd show you what it looks like on!

Purple Grey

It looks quite brown, but up against my purple works uniform it looks very purpley. Recommend!

Random image of the day!

Kawaii items I found that I want!

Little animal sandwich tubs. Perfect size for a sandwich!

Hello Kitty! I think it has bubble bath bottles inside ^_^

Just a random post today! Don't forget to check back for more random kawaii-ness!


7 December 2011

Clothes Show Live Shopping Haul!

As you may know, I travelled to Birmingham last Sunday to go to the Clothes Show Live Expo. I must say, it was a lovely, lovely day out! I ended up only buying a few things and not having enough time to get any photos, but it was still a good day.

Anyway, this post is to show you all the goodies I bought while I was there. And, firstly, my Models Own cosmetics haul. (http://www.modelsownit.com/)

At the event, there was a deal on Models Own cosmetics where if you spent £10 and chose three items, you received a little bag full of make up. The nail polishes on their own are £5, so I chose three of those for the £10 and got all the other bits as a freebie!

Here comes some close ups of all the items individually..

Purple Grey - Lilac Dream - Feeling Blue

Purple Grey - This colour looks quite browny in the photos, but it is quite purplely in the bottle.

Lilac Dream - Although it looks quite pink, it is a very pale purple colour. It's quite a 'pretty' colour which isn't normally my thing, but I thought I'd try it out.

Feeling Blue - I thought this blue was such a generic blue colour, and thought it would be a nice colour to have on my nails, can't wait to try it out!

Up next are the freebies! Firstly, these cute little pots of lip balm.

Ballet Pink - Fuchsia-full

Fuchsia-full - This is a very vibrant pink lip balm, I wonder what it looks like on.

Ballet Pink - This colour is a very nude/pinky colour. Perfect for if you just want a plain colour lip balm.

Duo Eyeshadows!

Summers Day - Moody Blues

Summers Day - A very glittery lilac colour, and a nice bluey teal colour which go so well together.

Moody Blues - Again, very glittery! A black and blue combo.

Eyeshadow Power Pots.

Pale Violet - Purple Sky

Pale Violet - Another purple colour to match the last eyeshadow and the nail varnish. Very nice for a basic look!

Purple Sky - This colour definitely looks more blue than purple, but it's still a very pretty colour. Both pots contain very glittery eyeshadows!

Pencil Eyeliners.

Marine Blue - Fuchsia Pink

Marine Blue - Following the blue/pink trend, this is a lovely dark blue liner. A good substitute for black!

Fuchsia Pink - Another vibrant pink colour. I bet this would look amazing around your eyes!

Fuchsia Fantasy - This is a chunkier eyeliner. More glittery than the previous two!

Sharpener lids!

And all pencil liners come with a sharpener built in to the lid! How cool is that?

Lip Gloss

Glass - Just a plain lipgloss, a basic need!

Last bit of make up.. Mascara!

It's called 'Grow Fast' Mascara, I wonder if it works!
And lastly, a nail buffer.

Just for buying the tickets to the Clothes Show Live, I got a free pair of Tights from Pretty Polly. (http://www.prettypolly.co.uk/)

They are meant to be specially designed to look slimming!

And because they're just so darn cute, a lego Ewok necklace!

As you can tell, all the cosmetics are still in the plastic wrappers. So when I do get round to opening them all, I'll do some tests and some swatches, and give you all a better review of the items. Not so bad for a tenner, though!

Also, I bought a pretty dress while I was there, but I'll post up in a few days when I get round to taking some photos.

Hope you enjoyed the haul!