1 April 2012

Weekend Buys!

Here's a quick run down of what I bought this weekend!

I went for a stroll through my town and went through boots and saw a lovely offer, 3 for 2! On most of the make up.

Firstly I picked up..

Rimmel's 60 Seconds in 840 Blue Eyed Girl.

I was instantly drawn to this colour, it's what made me stop and buy the deal!

This is the polish with just one coat on. (excuse the mess!) I think the coverage was just enough, so I didn't do a second. The colour is so nice, I can't wait until my nails grow back a bit more so I can do a full set with this colour!

Price: £3.69

Next in the 3 for 2 deal...

More Polish! And again by Rimmel too.

This is Rimmel's I Heart Lasting Finish in 193 Black Cherries.

Up close you can see a slight reddy-purple colour in the bottle, very dark and glossy.

One coat.

And two coats.

It's a really nice colour on. I think I might paint my toes with this first!

Price: £2.99

Lastly in the deal I picked up..

Rimmel's new Waterproof Gel Eyeliner in 001 Black. It comes with a small brush in the handle.

No swatches for this one yet, but I'm going to try it out, see if I like it and possibly do a review. I haven't used a gel liner before so I'm going to see what this one is like.

Price: £6.49

As the second polish was the cheapest, it was the one I got for free. All together I walked away spending just £10.18. Not too shabby.

As you can tell, I have quite a fancy for Rimmel products! They work well for me, are reasonably priced and they have a wide range of products and colours. Love it!

Good day, dears!


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