11 April 2012

To Dye or Not to Dye.

I’ve been pondering over this question for a long while now. At the moment I have quite long dyed blonde hair. About 4 years ago my hair was black, so I’m sure you can imagine the struggle to go from dyed black to very light blonde. And to have blonde hair this long and this soft is an achievement! (If I do say so myself).

So it took a good few years of lightening and highlighting my hair to get it to where it is today, but it has been a process. I’ve had many different hair colours and styles in between.

To start, I went from all black, to black with a bleached fringe.

Very old picture alert!

Then I went through a phase of changing the colour of my fringe, from… blue..

Excuse the scribble, I looked terrible back then!

..to red..

More scribble. This picture is about 6 years old! But it's the only one I have of the red hair.

..to pink..

More scribble! Why do I only have one picture for my coloured hair!

..and finally, purple.

Scribble again, and I gave Jack a moustache.

Then I finally went all out (after a lot of struggle, and going a bit orange -.- ) I dyed it all blonde.

 As you can see there, my hair was so, so short. It stayed that short during all it’s colour changes, but when I dyed it all blonde I just let it grow, and grow. And a good few years later it’s half way down my back, and I love it.

Bit blurry, sorry! But that's the length, under bust, I would say.

These days, though, I’m really missing the extravagant look of some bright colours in my hair, and the dye bottles in the cupboard are ever so tempting!

I don’t think I would have the guts to dye my whole hair one bright colour, not yet anyway. I think my main objective is to stay relatively plain so I stay employable. But a little colour couldn’t hurt, could it?

I was thinking just dying the ends slightly. My hair is long enough for it to have a nice effect if just a few inches are dyed. But which colour?

Well this is all that I have already.

I’ve always used Crazy Colour by Renbow. I have ‘Aubergine’ which is a really nice deep purple. Fire is a bright red. Capri Blue is obviously blue! Pinkissimo is pink and Emerald Green is green, which I’ve never used! There are a few other shades of colour too which are easily accessible to me if these aren’t what I want.

So! The question is, do I do it? And if so, which colour? I can’t decide if I really want to, and what colour I would do. I’m also afraid I’ll miss my normal hair.

But that’s where you come in. What do you think? I would be doing it within the next week if I decide on it. But I need some influence.

Thank you <3


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