28 April 2012

Mail Call!

Indeed it's that time again for this weeks' Mail Call. Let's start off with the first package.

Small package firstly. Let's see what's inside.

You can't tell really, but these are a cute little pair of earrings I stumbled upon on eBay. Bought for a nice 99p.

Here they are, well one of them, on. Pretty!

Next package, oooh!

It's a Rilakkuma cord holder.

It's a reasonable size, fits in my hand and its rubbery. Another 99p from eBay.

Keeping my headphones tied up nice!

Last package now, quite a biggy!

Here we have three key holders.

Rilakkuma, my favourite!


Shappo, too.

It's a shame I don't have three keys to use these all at the same time, but I can alternate! These were £1.98 on eBay. I love eBay :D

That's all from this weeks Mail Call. Have you bought anything online recently?


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