3 April 2012

Busy Busy Weekend!

This weekend has been exhausting! I was up until 5AM for two nights in a row and I'm shattered, hoping to get my sleeping pattern back on track in the next few days.

This was the weekend of the WrestleMania PPV, my first. And it was awesome! I had a really good time but it was so tiring being up all night. A big gang of us went out for dinner first which was lovely, then we came back to...

WrestleMania cake! This was the most chocolatey cake ever, it was so, so good. Hopefully it'll become a PPV tradition.

This was my WrestleMania day outfit. Supporting CM Punk with his 'In Punk We Trust' shirt, saved to wear for that day and my light green leopard print jeans. (excuse the awful image!)

Here's my usual 'picture of a cat'!

Meet Tilly. She's lovely.

On my weekend travels I came across this little guy in the bakery shop. He was so big! I should have gotten one. Nommy.

Mail Call!

I picked this up and I just couldn't work out what it was! I shook it, and it rattled! I've forgotten all what I've ordered over the past few weeks so I had no idea.

But it was gems! It finally clicked when I got the package open (obviously!) but I'm very pleased to have gotten this package. I can now start on some better nail art with some shiny little gems!

These were bought off eBay for £1.54. It's claimed that there's 3000 pieces in their, but I'm skeptical. Either way, really good price for what it is! Colour wise we have: Light pink, white/clear, orange, light green, lilac, red, purple, blue, pink, yellow, green and light blue.

This is the size of them, very tiny!

Good selection of colours and they're about 2mm diameter so quite small and really good for nail art. I can't wait to get started on my nails! I think I might get some larger ones to start some decoden.

I should be getting more substantial blog posts together soon, make this more worth reading!

Until next time.


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