17 April 2012

Mail Call!

Ooh, let's see what's come in the mail this week!

Let's start with the first package.


Nail Art Brushes! I bought these off ebay for £1.99 and free postage. They took a little while to arrive, but that's what you get when you pay so little. It wasn't too bad a wait, though! A separate post to come with a close up of the brushes.

Next package!

Now, there's two things in here! I wasn't expecting it but there was, must have been the same buyer and I didn't realise.

The first is a two finger ring with five hearts across the front. I don't have a close up of it because it was a gift for my cousins 14th birthday. She really liked it though!

Next up is a hair grip with velcro across the back so there's no clip marks in your hair!

And it's a really cute bow! This was only £1.00 on Ebay too. 

Not a fancy post today. I haven't had time to do anything the past week, so I'm sorry for that! 

More posts soon! x


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