21 April 2012

Trip to Birmingham

Last Thursday my lovely boyfriend and I decided on an impromptu trip to Birmingham for a day out and a bit of shopping.

Some pictures of the day!

This giant strawberry was sat outside a service station on our way up. It was so cute I felt the need to take a picture!

The ride up would usually take about an hour and a half, two hours maximum. But about 20 minutes before we arrived at Birmingham something bad happened!

Flat tyre! Not so bad, just need to change the tyre. But we were going quite fast on the motorway, very dangerous! But luckily I managed to pull over safely. It could have been a lot worse! Thankfully I’m a member of the AA so I gave them a call and a nice gent was there within half hour. He changed my tyre and we were on our way.

On closer inspection of the tyre, though.

That’s a giant hole in my tyre! We’re very lucky we didn’t spin out or anything when it popped.

Now, we arrived at the Birmingham Bullring. Very lovely shopping centre! But the shop I wanted to see the most was the Forever 21 store. I’ve never been in one before and I was excited to see inside.

Snazzy outside! Very big store, it has three floors! It was so massive I found it rather difficult to do any shopping! But it was a lovely just to have a wander around.

Lovely wall feature on the inside of the store.

Next up we went into Selfriges. An open plan type store with loads of smaller concessions inside. Nice experience!

Nice little mannequins inside, too!

We went for a walk outside the main shopping centre and raided the streets! And a rather funny street we did find.

I found it quite funny.

Then we found a Blue Banana store and I had a look see at the shoes.

Totally gorgeous. But I’d never wear them!

I was very tempted by these ones. But luckily I held off until I found these beauties!

Now I must admit, they’re not legit ones. But I can’t afford to cough out the money for real ones. I’m very pleased with them for the price though.

I can’t wait to wear them out :D

Bit of a long random post today, but I’ll leave it at that for now!

Hope you enjoy your weekend. x


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