7 April 2012

Quick Post

Hey gang.

Not a lot to post about this week. I haven't gotten around to making some substantial posts with some decent content. I've been a bit lazy this week plus I'm ultra tired. I'm definitely in the process of producing some content so don't fear.

This weeks purchases.

I bought a few little things for myself while I was in the supermarket buying easter eggs for my boyfriend. You have to buy for yourself too.

First up we have some nail polishes. They were buy two for £4.50 when they're usually about £3.00 on their own. There wasn't a lot of colours left but I went for these two in the end.

Firstly we have this pinkish colour. The colouring in the photo image doesn't do it justice though! It's a very light colour. Almost like the Coral shade I bought last week, except slightly pinkier. The shade is 405 Rose Libertine.

And secondly we have this very pearl like colour. It's a nice white colour, with a hint of shiny! The shade is 730 Silver Bullet. There are swatches to come. And I have 4 new shades to pick from for this weeks nails that I should be doing this evening!

Lastly from the image above we have...

Just a cheap face scrub. I'm going to try and get my face in better looking order, and smooth and such. Hopefully this'll help!

For any of you who view my Flickr, Tumblr, Instagram or even Twitter, you might be familiar with a few of these pictures. But I'm going to be going cat crazy with all these pictures! You've been warned.

Firstly, it's the beautiful Tilly.

And here we have Tilly with bread around her face. Cats are getting smarter!

Here's Penny doing a cat stretch. Very cute.

Them both together, in the sink. Aww! I turned the tap on on Tilly's head right after this picture was taken. Hehehe.

Enough of the pictures of cats!

Take care.


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