27 August 2012

Review: MUA Cosmetics Love Hearts Polish

MUA Love Hearts Nail Varnish



I’ve been on a bit of a mad MUA hauling session recently. As I usually shop in boots, I never came across MUA Cosmetics because they’re only available in Superdrug. I heard about them from a few reviews that I came across on some beauty blogs and I just had to try them out. With their low prices and great quality, I just couldn’t help but buy everything!

I went down there today to get some eyelash glue, they didn’t have what I wanted (-.-) so I just ended up spending a few quid on MUA Cosmetics instead! Which isn’t a bad thing. They have a small ‘Love Hearts’ range which are a few nail polishes and some lip balm tubs. The nail polishes come in six colours and are all pastel shades. I chose the Yellow and one of the Purples. 

With one coat.

With two coats.

The packaging is so cute! They’re small bottles and with a capacity of only 6.8ml they’re one of the smallest polishes I own. That doesn’t bother me too much, though, because who really gets to the end of a nail polish before it goes funny? They have the Love Hearts logo across the bottle and a Love Hearts sticker on the top. Along with the pastel colours, they look quite nice!

The product itself, to me, just seems like any other nail polish, which is good! It goes on smoothly and the colour is great, very vibrant. Two coats seem to do the trick for an even coverage with full colour definition.  It dries relatively fast, too. No problems!

The only thing I’m having a slight issue with is the brush. It doesn’t appear to be shaped too well so it makes applying the polish a little difficult. Sometimes leaves streaks on the nails, but a second coat usually clears it up. I could have just bought a bad bottle, as only the yellow one has a frayed brush, though.

It may have just been a bad batch but this brush is a little frayed!
This brush isn't too bad, I haven't tried it properly yet, though.

  • Adorable packaging.
  • Great colour choices, I love pastel shades!
  • Product is great, very smooth and dries quite quickly!

  • My only issue is with the shape of the brush. It’s a shame, I hope they get this feedback and update their polishes!

Absolutely! There are 6 colours in the range and I plan on buying them all! Only 4 left to collect. :)


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