12 December 2013

SheInside Review

So having heard a lot of good things about SheInside I decided to check if there was anything on their website that I wanted, and there was loads! In the end I struggled to decide on just two items. 

The items are an Orange Hooded Coat and a Wine Red Heart Print Blouse. I ordered them on the 24th of November and they arrived on the 11th of December so I guess around 15 days delivery. But the shipping was free so that's a bonus! Because I logged in with Facebook I got 20% off my order too, which was awesome!

One of the items went down in the sale a few days after I ordered, but before it was shipped. So I emailed them to query whether I could be refunded the difference because some places to that. Unfortunately they couldn't offer me that but they did give me a 20% off code for my next order, which was nice of them. :)

They came packaged in a standard grey postage bag. I don't have a picture of that because I was too excited and opened it straight away. Under the first layer, they were individually packaged in their own zip lock bags. The bags were labelled with the SheInside logo. Really shows they put an effort into their packaging which is nice!

The first item I opened up was the heart print blouse. The first thing I noticed was how nice the material felt. I always worry when buying online what the quality will be like but this was lovely.

It's so pretty! I ordered it in a small because I assume I would have been because I'm an 8-10 UK size but it was a little tight and short on the sleeves. If I wear it folded up it's fine.

It doesn't look so bad on and it fits quite nicely everywhere else. Maybe I'll try a size M next time just for a bit more room. The print is just gorgeous though and the colour is nice. I don't usually wear red but it's pretty cute!

I also bought a orange coat with a furry bear hood. I was looking for a new coat so I was so happy when I saw this one!

It was hard to get it to hang nice because it's so puffy and the hood is pretty thick. Again, this colour isn't something I'd usually wear but I just went for it. This coat comes in two pieces. The orange part is the main coat, but the furry inside with the hood attached is a gilet that attaches to the inside with buttons. It's pretty neat if it's not too warm one day, you can just take out the inner gilet.

Again, I look a mess but it's just to show what it's like on. Unfortunately with this one, it's a little short on the sleeves again, but still wearable. I guess I just like my sleeves loooong. So I'm definitely going to buy a size M when I order next time.

I think the hood is the best part of this coat. It has bear ears! It's just adorable. Definitely feels like it will be warm enough in the cold British winter.

I'm hoping I can get some more SheInside items soon, but in a better fitting size for me. They have such great fashions on their website, the pricing is great and the free shipping is a real bonus. 


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