19 August 2012

This week on Instagram!

As I'm sure you're probably aware, I missed last weeks Instagram post! I found myself stuck between being a little bit busy and a little bit lazy. I've also spent the majority of the past few weeks either working at my new job or playing video games. I've gotten myself addicted to Rollercoaster Tycoon 2 again, and I bought Skyrim yesterday too! 
So expect less and less of me as I play video games obsessively!

As you can imagine, two weeks worth of Instagram uploads is a lot! There's a massive 24 pictures for you to glare at, in one spectacular post! 

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New earrings I bought. Crosses, simple enough!

My outfit for my first day of work. Too much black is boring!

New work shoes. I thought I could handle slight heels but my feet ached after a few hours!

That's right, I work at Next!

Another set of lashes came in the mail. I LOVE these.

Got myself a little bedroom friend. Alfie having a little sleep.

Those new lashes I bought (pictured above, basic make up).

The picture doesn't do it justice but there was a massive spider on my ceiling. I had to throw a shoe at it!

Yes! Rollercoaster Tycoon 2! Obsessing over this.

Before bed-time friend! He came for a little cuddle before we went to bed.

(aren't I just obsessed with my new pup?) Alfie's been playing in the garden, covered in mud!

Pretty Tilly chilling with her belly out! Aww.

Tilly again. My morning companion while I got myself ready for work.

Wearing that dress again for work. Hair up this time :)

I changed from those heels to these ultra comfortable flats. Cute little ankle boots. I should have taken those socks off though!

ANOTHER new set of lashes! These are bottom ones. I haven't managed to get these on right yet, though. I need more practice!

Me being scruffy. Wearing my boyfriends jumper. Me love cookies.

Left some make up on the windowsill. It melted a little bit.

Simple work make up. Blue!

My cute little Hello Kitty watch I got for my birthday. Aww!

Mini make up haul this week. All this for under £15. Check out THIS POST for more info!

My confirmation letter came through. Starting my Japanese night course in October!

Took Alfie out for a ride in the car to go and see my nan. He LOVED hanging out the window. He looks like a polar bear. Aww.

Yay, I bought Skyrim for PC. Been playing non-stop.
 Sort of eventful week this week. Work related things, a few games and some cosmetic pictures! I hope I didn't disappoint.

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