20 August 2012

Swatch: MUA Glamour Days Palette

As mentioned in this post I bought two new eyeshadow palettes the other day, and here's the swatches for one of them, the other one was swatched here.

My reviews on the MUA brand is spoken about in the other palettes' post so I'll just do the swatches for this palette here. 

As with the other MUA palette, each shade doesn't have it's own name so I've just labelled them as top row and bottom.

 Top row.

Bottom row.

These were taken with natural light and are very shimmery. Again, with a primer they come out a lot more but for a simple look I think they do quite fine!

Simple palette for simple looks. Definitely worth a look into at just £4.00 a palette! 

What's your view on MUA cosmetics?

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