26 August 2012

This Week on Instagram!

A bad week of blogging, sorry! I've been pre-occupied with my new job. It's going well, I'm hoping to get a good pay next month! Long time to wait though. -.- My uploads don't really reflect a very busy week, which makes sense because I haven't had one, but I hope you a appreciate a little insight into my world, anyway.

Another small selection of photos to sink your teeth into. Not a very eventful week due to working here and there.

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I made some brownies for the PPV last Sunday. A little crispy but they went down a treat.

This happened to me this week! Found this little gem sticking out of my tyre. I had to wait almost two hours for the breakdown guy to come change to my spare!

Walking out to my car for work one morning when I see this on the floor! Someone must have knocked the back of my wingmirror off. What is it with some people?

Showing off my mini Hello Kitty mug. I don't drink hot drinks so this is purely decorative.

Cleaning my eyelashes. Leaving them to soak for a bit and picking all the glue off. Boring stuff!

Showing off my little selection of lashes. There's plenty more.

Had a little bedroom friend! Alfie was very distracted chewing his bone all night.

Stole one of my mums yoghurts in hopes that it would be a nice treat. It wasn't. I don't like bits in my yoghurts!

Painted my nails using MUA Cosmetics Love Hearts range. Cute!

Definitely need new nail polish storage.

I think my pup may have fleas. That or something just thinks I'm really tasty.

Little guy likes chewing his bed. What's up with that? 

Well I do hope you've enjoyed seeing what I've been up to this week. I know it hasn't been much but I'm not a very entertaining person, really! I look forward to seeing you again next Sunday, though! 

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 I'm tempted to go make some cakes now. What will you get up to this week?


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