7 August 2012

Swatch: MUA Poptastic Palette

As mentioned in this post I bought two new eyeshadow palettes the other day, and here's the swatches for one of them, (the other to come). 

I'm relatively new to MUA as a brand. I've known about it for a while but I haven't tried any of their products. I've been meaning to get a few more eyeshadow colours recently but didn't really want to break the bank while doing so. At a mere £4.00 per palette I couldn't really go wrong with this one!

This palette is called Poptastic, probably due to it's bright colours and shimmery shades. All MUA palettes this size come with a double-ended sponge brush which is very handy. There's a great selection of colours in this palette, great for a bright evening look or if you're just feeling adventurous. 

The shades don't come with specific names so I've just swatched them as the top and bottom row.

 Top row.

Bottom row.

These are both taken using natural light and on my forearm (which is quite pale!). The colours show even more when using a primer, especially for the lighter shades, such as the yellows. There are a few more shimmery shades and a few matte ones combined in this palette so it's easy to create different looks. 

If you're looking for a palette with bright, pigmented colours then you should definitely try this one. At only £4.00, you'd be a fool not to!

Keep your eyes peeled for the swatches of the other MUA palette I bought, 'Glamour Days'.

Have you tried any MUA cosmetics?

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Aqeela said...

Ive done a review on this palette I love it n think its amazing! I've also put up a couple of looks I created using this palette if u fancy checkin it out x


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