5 August 2012

This week on Instagram.

Hello again. Another Sunday is upon us which means it's time for 'This week on Instagram'. I'd like to say it's been quite a 'cosmetic-filled' week. A few make up sessions, false eyelashes and some NOTD. And a few others, too. Spent my day today shopping, due to starting a new job next week. Needed a few work clothes (look forward to that post soon!).

Nice selection of photos this week, posted a little late in the day but that's just because my lovely boyfriend made an excellent cooked dinner today so I've been otherwise distracted!

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First NOTD this week. This one didn't last that long because it chipped off a little in the shower -.- I need a good top coat!

Barney came in covered in mud, he's meant to be white! It was bath time after that.

Quite amazed at how long my hair is! And that's even in a ponytail, too.

Finally making myself choose which one to open first. I've gone for the blue and pink one 'Quenched'. Looking forward to using it!

Second NOTD this week because the other one didn't last two long. Loving Rimmel's 60 second polish!

Went to see Batman on Wednesday. They always say you need to send 'film' to '241'. I didn't. Still worked!

I was inspired to fiddle with some make up this week. Now I just need to perfect macro photo taking!

This picture was to show my cousin my lashes, she's been persuaded to purchase some herself!

Highlighting my hair. Sexy look!

Found myself a Hello Kitty pen/keyring for cheaps this week. Very kawaii.

Bought some new eyelashes. More toned down and natural. I've yet to try them!

Horrendous rain this week!
 Like I said, a very cosmetic week this week! Bought a few other goodies mentioned in this post, too.

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