9 August 2012

To my dear readers.

Hello, to my wonderful 60+ followers and any other readers I might have. I hope you enjoy reading my blog, and hearing about my life.

It has occured to me that my blog's title doesn't really match up to the things I post about. As much as I am very interested in kawaii and other cute aspects of Japan's culture, I don't think I do the title much justice.

I have been thinking for a small while now whether I should rename my blog so that new and old readers won't be disappointed by the lack of kawaii-related posts. I still thoroughly enjoy blogging but I think I blog more about beauty and fashion than I do Japan/kawaii related things. So I wonder if it would benefit me as a blogger to rename my blog to something more personal and blog about myself as I do now. 

My blog won't change too much, my layout (for the time being) won't need to change and everything I blog about will remain the same. I just think it makes sense for me.

I'd love some feedback from my readers whether you think it's a good idea or not as I think I'm stuck in a bit of a limbo.

I'll keep this post short and sweet but I look forward to your feedback. If you want your feedback to be kept private feel free to email me at helloandkawaii@gmail.com.

Thanks, my lovely readers.


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