17 August 2012

Impromptu Shopping Haul!

I went into Superdrug a few days ago before work (yeah, new job!) and managed to spend around £15 on NYC and MUA cosmetics in about 5 minutes before my shift started. 

I picked up five nail polishes, 2 blushers and a lipstick/gloss. And yes, I got all this for £14.96! I'll end up doing a few in depth reviews on a few of these items in the upcoming weeks, so look out for that. 

I've heard a lot of good things about the MUA Mosaic Blusher. It was only £2.50 so that's pretty good, I'm really excited to road test it tomorrow. I bought it in 'English Rose - Shade 3', though they do have another two lovely shades in the nice mosaic pattern.

The other MUA Blusher was only a pound so I thought I'd pick one of those up too. I got this one in 'shade 2'. It's a kind of pinky shade. I looks like it matches up to one of the sections in the mosaic one. 

The other MUA product was the Lip Boom. I don't quite know why this one attracted me so much. It might just be because it has 'boom' in the title. It's a full lip stick with a reasonably size gloss on the other end of the tube. They can be worn separately or together. After trying the lippy though, I think the shade is a little dark for me. So I'm very tempted to go and get another one. This was £3.

I bought two NYC 'In a New York Minute' nail polishes. 'Manhattan' and 'Prince Street'. A kind of deep red/purple and a metallic purple, respectively. These were £1.79 each or two for around £2.50. *Multibuy* :D

Lastly, I bought three NYC 'Expert Last' polishes at £1.99 each. 'Late Night Latte', 'Lights-Camera-Glitter' and 'Gramercy Glitz'. A nude shade, a nude coloured glitter and a silvery, blue glitter, respectively. 

All in all, really happy with my haul. Might go back in when I have a bit more time and spend some more money, why not! 

Again, keep your eyes open for a review or two, and a close up of a few of these items.

Have you tried any of these before? What did you think?


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