19 June 2012

Lime Crime: Discontinued Magic Dusts!

Lime Crime: Magic Dust Eyeshadow Collection.

Lime Crime have made the difficult decision of discontinuing their lovely collection of Magic Dust eyeshadows to focus more on their pressed palette collection that we all love. 

It's a very sad state of affairs when any company discontinues a product that you love. But fear not, there's still a chance of getting your favourite shade!

Stock of the Magic Dust collection are getting less and less each day and when they're gone, they're gone! So don't delay, head on over to Lime Crime's website today and buy your favourite shades before it's too late.

CLICK HERE to go on over to Lime Crime's website to see what stock they have left.

There's 15% off with code 'EXTRAMAGIC'
I hope you can still get the shade you want.


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