3 June 2012

This week on Instagram.

This weeks 'This week on Instagram' has been posted a little late on this rainy Sunday because I've only just gotten home! I've spent the past few days out of my house with no internet access! So I apologise for my lack of internet presence.

Not a lot going on this week. A few chores here and there but relatively lazy! I could be going to the horse races tomorrow for the Bank Holiday and my brothers and cousins birthday. So if that happens I'll try and get a few pictures taken for you!

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Lovely muffin I had after dinner one night, was luush.

My little old netbook. Losing it's life slowly!

Fruit Pastel lolly. Yum!

Like, half of my jewellery collection. I hardly wear it!

Moomoo has evolved again!

Got bored while I was waiting in the car. Po photobombing there.

Another yummy cake I had. I loove chocolate!

Found this under my car wiper! What's a radio panel?

R2 keeping my monies safe. I lost his head somewhere :(

Nice bitta pasta 'nd cheese!

Soft fruit flavored chew!

Found this sign in the middle of town. Who wants their hair done by cats?

Caught my nail and bent it back. Left a mark in the nail and it hurts like hell!
That's all for this weeks 'This week on Instagram'. Not a lot has happened, I know. I lead a boring life it seems! Still, I hope you enjoyed it.

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Enjoy your next week, I know I will.


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