24 June 2012

This week on Instagram.

Here we are, once again! This weeks edition of 'This week on Instagram'. Have you missed it? There's a fair few more pictures this week than last, which is much better. I'm still out of house at the moment, until next weekend. Which is starting to become a bit of a pain! But I'm coping well enough. Not a lot of news this week, though. I'm sure I'll be pretty boring until I move into my new place. 

So here are the Instagram uploads of the week, I hope you enjoy them! A little earlier today, which is the first in a while!

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The cake I made from last weekend. We ate it last Sunday for the WWE PPV.

New clothes! I bought a lovely Hello Kitty jumper this week. Check out what else I bought here.

I woke up and half my hair was straight, the other was curled. Weird!

Yummy bacon sandwich my grampy made for me! Nom!

Another of my new buys, Kermit t-shirt!

The gems I ordered arrived! Now I just need to find some glue and I can start deco-ing!

Played a very nerdy game this week. Flying a spaceship 'nd such.

Tilly, styling my Kinder Egg toy on her head, does she like it?

Yummy cakes they had in the restaurant. I didn't have any :(

The meal I had, a massive sandwich! Struggled so much to eat it -.-

Tilly's in the bag! She loved it in there.

New Revlon lipstick I bought, review to come!

Snacks for last night. Yummy.

Kitty's getting cosy. They're never like this!

They must only be nice to each other while they're sleeping!
 So there we have it, this weeks uploads! Slightly better content than last weekend, full of cats again, too! Hopefully more images to come next weekend, but that's moving time so we'll see how it goes!

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Have fun with your week.


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