11 June 2012

Last Weekends' New Buys!

Hey lay-deeez!

I went out around town last Saturday to do a bit of shopping. I haven't done it in a while. One reason is because of the weather. It's been terribly windy and rainy for the past week or so. The next reason is that I'm rather low on money and I should probably stop wasting my money on junk! But I did anyway ;)

I didn't buy an awful lot mind, but I was in search for a new pair of jeans. To no avail. But I did get a pair of coloured jeans which I adore!

It's hard to tell the colour of them perfectly with the lighting in the images, but they're a little lighter than the picture makes them seem. They're so soft and very comfortable though. Pretty good for a cheap pair of jeans! Now I just need to find some denim ones that fit. -.-

Bought from Primark for £11.

Next up, is some new nail polishes!

~ Just a quick note before I start introducing the colours, the camera quality and lighting does not do the green polish any favours. It's much more green than it appears! ~

As you can see, they're both Rimmel polishes from the 'I Heart Lasting Finish' range. (I think I have a thing for Rimmel products!) The first is 700 'Block Your Green'. In the image it looks slighty teal in colour but it's  a lot more green when you see it for real. The next is 239 'Your Majesty', a very sparkly, very pigmented silver glitter polish.

I'm not a great fan of glitter polishes but I thought I'd give this one a try. I'm looking forward to incorporating it into a nail art design!

This are both the polishes with a base coat and one coat of polish.

The green looks terribly blue, so it's hard to show you the colour. So I would recommend checking it out yourself! But you can definitely see the shimmer on the silver.

This is with a base coat and two coats of polish. Both very pigmented and only need the two coats. Now I'm going to finish off the design for this weeks NOTW!

Green - Bought from Superdrug at £2.50

Silver - Bought from Primark at £2.

That's all for what I've bought this week. Just an update though, I'm in the process of gathering items for my first giveaway! I can't wait, can you?


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