17 June 2012

This week on Instagram.

Hello, hello! Welcome to this weeks edition of 'This week on Instagram'! Now I must admit that there isn't a lot of Instagram uploads this week, but I do have a good reason! I finally have confirmed plans to move house. We were quite skeptical for a while, due to a few previous moving plans fell through but it's all sorted now! So it means I've been busy all week packing up, so I haven't had a lot of time to do much else!

But here's the small amount of pictures I've taken and uploaded to Instagram anyway! For your enjoyment, I hope! It's a bit late to be uploaded today due to it being fathers day and me being out for dinner! 

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A yummy magnum ice cream lolly! Mmm!

My OOTD from one day this week. My lovely new coloured skinnies! <3

Mmm. My boyfriend and I made some yummy cupcakes! They were intensely chocolatey!

I packed all my portable mirrors, and all my mirrors from the wall had been taken down so I used my iPad to dry my hair in! Smart.

Found my collection of sunglasses/glasses. Too much?

The finished cupcakes from earlier. I need to work on my piping technique!
Once again, lovely followers, I apologise for the lack of Instagram updates this week. But I hope these ones were fulfilling enough for the time being! I hope to be back on my feet within the next 3/4 weeks and back to a better scheduling!

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I hope you enjoy your week! I'll be spending it on the move!


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