10 June 2012

This week on Instagram.

Welcome again, to another weekly edition of  'This week on Instagram'. This Sunday my family are sitting out in the rain under a gazebo having a BBQ. Crazy Brits, right? Even though it's raining, the food is cooking just nicely and I can't wait to dig into a lovely burger with bacon and cheese!

There are quite a few Instagram uploads this week, I think I tend to go a bit overboard with it sometimes! But it does mean more for you to glare at on your Sunday evenings, which can't be a bad thing!

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Terrible quality, I know, but look how many updates! I've had terrible luck with technology this week. -.-

My free sample of toothpaste turned up! I still haven't tried it though.

My nail polish/nail art collection. It's only small but it's building up.

My NOTW which only lasted until Monday night because I was too lazy to put a top coat on.

The pattern on my dress that I wore to the Horse Racing on Monday. The image is pixelated because my phone was playing up -.-

Was it a winning ticket? Did a little betting at the Horse Races. Spend a bit, won a bit. A good day!

Another picture of the betting slips.

A shocking spelling mistake on a label I noticed on the coach ride home. What's a Hamer?

Absolutely terrible parking I passed outside my house. It's surprising he still kept his wingmirrors after that!

Emptied out R2 to do a little count up. There was about a tenner there.

Some cute rings that were bought for me. Unfortunately they were too big, nice though!

My nans new mobile phone. Massive buttons!

Another pixelated image -.- The glove part on my Totoro scarf, it has claws!

A wall of graffiti I saw around the corner from my house. Really nice stuff.

Ooh, a healthy-ish dinner I had one night this week. It was very tasty.

I painted my nails again this week after the blue didn't last. Tried a bit of nail art, turned out alright I think.

The end result of one hand. I ended up just doing vertical lines on each nail on the other hand because I got a bit bored! Lasted until today too.

Freshly dried hair. I think I need my bangs cut, don't you?

My little collection of Maybelline Baby Lips. I'm still yet to pick which one I wish to use first!

Was really happy with my 38 followers so I did a little deco on the image to make it all sparkly. I now have 42 followers, thank you all <3

My little Ewok necklace I bought a year ago, cute little lego guy.

My favourite smoothie bar that closed down a few years ago came back! I got to have the banana milkshake I like so much. Very yummy, indeed.

The cutest of all kittys, this is Penny. Relaxing on the windowsill in the sun. She was so warm after!

Some photos from today, now. Who's idea was it to have a BBQ today? There's no sun, and it rained a little!

Double yolked egg though, it's not often you see those!

And finally, all the food on the BBQ. Looks so tasty.

That's all for this weeks post of 'This week on Instagram'. I hope you enjoyed you week, because I did. Have a good Sunday afternoon and a good week next week!

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Have a nice evening, you guys.


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