22 June 2012

Review: Quickies Nail Polish Remover.

Quickies Nail Polish Remover.


x20 Pads

As you probably know (because I've mentioned it how much?) I'm in the process of moving this week so a lot of my things are in storage. One of those items being all of my nail supplies. I (stupidly) left on some nail polish after I packed everything away and it got to the point where my nails had chipped away and really needed the polished removed!

I'd only just bought a fresh bottle of remover so I didn't feel like buying a new one. While I was in the supermarket I noticed this: Quickies Nail Polish Remover.

The packaging of the product is quite small and handy, good for portability: to keep in your handbag! It's also pink so it probably won't look out of place there either. This one comes with a twisty lid (but I have seen others with a clip lid) so there's no chance of anything leaking.

It comes with 20 pre-soaked pads of nail polish removing goodness.

The first thing I noticed was that it had a lovely smell. It's not too overpowering like a lot of nail polish removers are. The pads were very thin, not like the normal cotton pads you would use (well, what I normally use). I'm not sure whether it makes it better, worse or not really much difference. I suppose since it's already pre-soaked, they don't need to be too thick because they don't need to hold any more liquid, so it works quite well. 

When using them, I noticed it took quite a bit of rubbing on the nail to get it all off. There was a base coat, two coats of colour and a top coat. Quite a bit too get through, but it struggled slightly compared to a normal bottle of polish remover and a cotton pad.

  • Handy size, perfect for the handbag!
  • Good for if you're out and not where all your supplies are.
  • Nice smell, not overpowering like other removers.
  • Good price.

  • Leaves your fingers feeling a bit greasy.
  • Needs a lot of rubbing to get all the polish off.

If I was going away on a trip, or away from my nail supplies for a little while I'd definitely take this product with me (providing I actually needed nail polish remover!). It's a lot more compact than a bottle of nail polish remover and a packet of cotton pads.


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