29 July 2012

This week on Instagram.

Here here. Another edition of 'This week on Instagram' is upon us. A nice sunny week this week, soon to be followed by bad weather once again. Just in time for the Olympics, it seems. This week I've spent some time in the sun (not sunbathing) and mainly taking care of my grandfather. 

The uploads this week don't really represent that at all, but just a few snapshots into what I get up to. Small selection this week, please enjoy. 

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Sat in my car, roasting! Wearing my new dungarees!

Hello Kitty pasta shapes and some bread and butter. Lovely supper.

Still trying to get all this Hiragana down. Struggling at any more than the first 30.

New Bork Laser tshirt in time for Raw 1000 last Monday. It was a hit.

Cats will sit on anything! Just put my laptop case down and Penny jumped straight on it.

Nice handful of mail this week! A good few goodies I should blog about.

A PINK card machine! What is this madness!

Nice mug full of apple slices. Can't complain!
Nice week this week. Watched the Olympics opening ceremony (a bit) and have been putting it on when there's nothing else on, because it's taken over a lot of the channels. 

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