15 July 2012

This week on Instagram.

Hello again. Here we are with another weekly edition of 'My week on Instagram'. Fairly busy week for me this week, few chores here and there. But the main thing was I turned 21! Not a too outrageous birthday though. The ladies in the family went to a posh hotel for a bit of a spa day and I had a lovely facial. In the evening then, I went out for some dinner with my other half. All in all a good day. I'll get on to the presents in the pictures. :)

Quite a few uploads this week, and some of my presents. Hehe. ^_^
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Treated myself to a yummy chocolate bar. Yum yum.

Something I made last Sunday. Not great, but it kept me busy for an hour!

Sleepy Barney Bear having a cuddle on my lap.

This is how he sleeps!

I love my new earrings. I bought them in the sale at River Island.

Totally clashing socks and jeans. And yes, I went out like this!

This was taken the day before my birthday. I had a new laptop but I couldn't open it. I had to stare at this box all night!

My presents off my lovely boyfriend. Some Hello Kitty goodies, a Japanese language learning pack and two sims games. I couldn't ask for anything more. ^_^

Yay. Finally was allowed to open it. It's amazing, and it plays the sims brilliantly!

My collection of Sims 3 games (you should see the rest!) Almost got them all.

My get up for the spa day. Kawaii.

Part of the meal we had. One of the cheeses smelt like feet though -.-

Nerd Alert. Three PC's running.

OOTD one day this week. Nothing fancy but I was wearing my Hello Kitty tshirt. :)

Last one is of Barney. At the moment he seems to have this one ear stuck up and the other one down, it doesn't change!
Some birthday pics, some of my Pup. Not a lot happened this week, picture wise. It's cool though, there's always next week. ^_^
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I have to run off to get my freshly made bacon sandwich. What are you up to this week?


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