22 July 2012

This week on Instagram.

Hello, hello. Welcome back, to this, another edition of 'This week on Instagram'. A healthy selection of uploads for you to glare at this week. Starting off with last Sunday which was the WWE PPV Money in the Bank. In aid of that I made some money themed cupcakes (dollar signs on them!). 

Also this week, a lot of moaning about the weather, which must have worked because it's sunny now! And a new hair cut. Look ahead for the images of the week.

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Money in the Bank cupcakes. Tasted great! There was a chocolate surprise in each of them.

First most successful attempt at putting on false eyelashes. No make up on with it though, which is why the rest of it looks so terrible.

These were the gems I picked out for a bit of nail art. It didn't go too well so my nails ended up unpainted. I'll try again next week I think.

Due to not having any aerials around the house I had to watch DVD's all week. Now, to choose one.

Weather moaning number one. Where's the summer?

It was raining. So time to bring out my 'it's raining' boots. Served me well.

My nan knitted this little jumper for my cousins baby. Cute!

That's right British weather. The suns due out!

Got my hair did. Big fringe.

OOTD. With some detail shots. Ahh, I love iPhone apps!

Barney Bear having a sleep. He's so cute!

SoundHound recommended I listen to Justin Bieber. This, I'm not happy about.

Went out for dinner last night, this was the tablecloth. New iPhone wall paper I think?

Was totally stuffed from the dinner, I had room to eat all the cake though, didn't I?

New iPhone case from the lovely Bloomzy and Iconemesis. Cat Party!

Lastly, this is all the Hiragana I've got memorised so far. I'm proud of myself! A few weeks ago my brain wouldn't hold any of it in, I'm doing a bit better now.
Slightly more eventful week than before. I've gotten used to being 21 now so that's cool. Should be applying for a Japanese night class soon, and some for cooking classes too! 

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Unknown said...

Cute cupcakes! I watch WWE quite a lot because I practically live with my boyfriend and he obsesses over it haha
You have so many DVDs oh my gosh :o
Will have to follow you on Instagram when I'm next on ^^

Taylala said...

Thanks! Yeah, my boyfriend is the same, it's why I watch it! Oh thanks for following me ^_^

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