8 July 2012

This week on Instagram.

Welcome again to a long overdue edition of 'This week on Instagram' Unfortunately due to being pretty busy last weekend and without internet, there wasn't a post like this last Sunday. So we'll double up today and put all the best bits of the past two weeks up today!

Small selection of photos for this week. It's been hard work doing anything without proper internet!

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My hair up in a bun, no make up.

Cute Union Jack Hello Kitty I won from My Kawaii Space

All my mail! I had a few goodies in there.

Ji Ji Kiki prizes from their giveaway!

Yummy chocolate swiss roll. I haven't had one of these in a long time!

New puppy! I've called him Barney. :)

New false eyelashes arrived in the mail, yay!

Barney sitting under the table. He's so tiny!

Yummy Daim Mikado. Very tasty!

Painted my toe nails with this lovely colour.

Barney sleeping on his back. Awww.

Having puppy cuddles. He's sleeping on me!

A lot of pictures of the new puppy, I'm sorry! But he's just so lovely and cute. Makes a change from all the cat photos there are. Still settling into my new house and my birthday is next week, too! So a lot of excitement to come.

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Have a good week. I know I will because I will be turning 21!


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