28 March 2012

What I did today.

The theme of this post is just basically what I did with my day today.

Let's start off with this morning!

I woke up somewhat early and had to leave my unwell boyfriend in bed (aww!) to go up my Nan's for a little day out. It was me, my Nan, my Aunt and my Cousin, and we went out for some lovely noms! The best part about it was the cake!


Then when we got back, me and my Cousin went and took the doggies for a walk. Let me introduce you to Cleo.

Isn't she lovely? I tried to walk her, but it was more like she walked me!

Next up, can anyone say 'Eggs'?

My Aunt has a few chickens out in her back garden, and this is the massive haul of eggs! Never the need to buy eggs anymore.

I also spotted a kitty while I was there..

Way up on top of the wardrobe! Cute Kitty.

Mail Call!

Came home to a small package today, nothing fancy.

What could it be?

Eyelashes! And guess how much? .. 99p! From eBay, again. Now, I'm terrible at putting on eyelashes. So terrible in fact that I can't actually do it. So I thought I'd start off cheap and keep trying until I get it right. Any tips would be helpful!

Hopefully I'll have a decent blog post coming up soon. Still doing my research and trying to get a grasp on blogging and finding content. And again, any advice on that would be lovely.

I'll leave it at that today, have a good one!



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