19 March 2012

Cake Decorating Magazine!

A few days ago my mother surprised me with a new magazine!

Cake Decorating Magazine, that is! It's so kawaii and colourful. And it also came with free gifts! You can never complain about free gifts.

So, here's what I got:

Butterfly-shaped cookie cutters and pink cupcake glitter and a cupcake stand! (Not that you can tell because I haven't put it up!)

Inside the magazine, it starts off with a tutorial to make butterfly cookies with the free cookie cutters. The page is laid out so nicely, very colourful and simple to understand. There's a step-by-step part with pictures and a small explanation.

Really easy to understand!

There are more tutorials for other cakes like a Victoria Sponge and Butterfly Cupcakes. There's also a section on Icing for Beginners, easy to get you started.

Some quick pictures on what you can make in this issue:

Looks so tasty! I can't wait to get started on making some of these!

What do you think, good magazine?

For more information please go to www.mycakedecorating.co.uk or you could probably find the magazine in your local newsagents!


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