18 March 2012

Nail Art Stamps.

I've recently discovered the Nail Art technique of stamping. It's where you have a metal plate with a few designs on, and you use nail varnish on the design you want and transfer it onto your nail. Pretty simple after a few tries!

I bought the set on eBay for about £3.00. Not too shabby, right?

Included in the set was the plate, which has 7 small designs on. Not a very fancy selection, but the plate was chosen at random by the seller.

Also, in the set was the little rubber stamper, and a small blade.

The way it works is, after setting up the nail, base coat, two coats of coloured polish (or however you like to do it), then you get the kit ready.

Choose your colour polish, and which design you wish to use. Dab a bit of polish to cover the design and scrape off the excess polish quickly with the small blade. After that, use the rubber stamp to pick up the design and then straight onto the nail how you want it. For best results, do it all really quickly or the polish will dry.

And don't forget to wipe everything down with polish remover to keep everything clean!

For my first attempt at this new technique, I just did something simple. I used a light green/aqua colour for my base colour, and a darker one for the design. I did the same design over and over again to make a sort of leopard print design.

I think it turned out quite well for my first go. What do you think?

Have you tried this before? What did you think?

Bye-bye, for now.


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