20 March 2012

Recent Buys Post!

As promised, here's a small list of all the things I've bought recently!

Let's start off with my favourite one.

A Hello Kitty iPad 2 case! It's perfect, quite well made and only cost me about £13 from eBay. Keeps my iPad very safe and very kawaii at the same time. ^_^

Next up is my very adorable Totoro bag. Also from eBay, about £15 and I got a free smaller bag too!

Also quite well made. I use it almost every day and it always makes me smile ^_^

After getting the free samples of Garnier's new BB cream, and seeing it for only £7.50 in Superdrug, I thought I'd give it a proper try. I usually use it under a layer of foundation if I'm going out somewhere nice. But if I'm in a rush I'll just use it on it's own with a bit of power on the top. I find it to be a really good product.

Clothes Time!

I'll start off with this sweet little blouse I got from Primark. I think it was only £10. It's very see-through, so you could either wear a vest underneath or a stylish bra top. It also has a pretty design on the back.

Also from Primark I got this sweet little playsuit. It only cost £5 too. It has an elasticated waist so it fits nicely, and it's a light material so it's perfect for summer.

Another favourite purchase this week was my CM Punk t-shirt. My boyfriend has a matching one too ^_^ Cost about £20 with £14 custom fees because it came shipped from America.

All in all, a good few weeks of buying I must say!

Toodles! xx


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