15 March 2012

Well, Hello Stranger!

Oh, my lovelies, I am terribly sorry! I know I haven't posted for a very long time. But I hope to change that, slowly.

I'm going to try and find decent topics to post about, take some good pictures and post more often! I think it might be a big task for me but I think I can manage it. I don't want to fail this blog again!

The beautiful Penelope again, cuddling a gun!


Hopeful up-coming blog post topics should be about:
  • Nail Art Stamping
  • Cake Decorating Magazine
  • New Buys (Clothes and Cosmetics)

Lets hope I keep it up and get this blog going again, and do it right!

Also, if anyone has any new blogger tips and such, please feel free to email me! And please, pass my blog along, the more the merrier!

Ta-ta, for now.


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