3 March 2014

Hello Kitty Bedding!

I've been umming and arrring about the latest Liberty Arts collab with Hello Kitty bedding sets. There's loads of Hello Kitty bedding out there that is only for single beds. Me being as old as I am, I have a double bed. So anyway, I totally needed a Hello Kitty bedspread. I found mine on eBay. They had five different styles which I struggled to pick one. But I picked this one!

The design is called Park Life. It's got so many great colours in it. I bought an under sheet and pillow cases to compliment the colours in it. My bedding before was just plain black or plain purple. This is such a difference!

It totally lightens up my room and it's just so cute! I feel like I want to buy all the other designs so I can have Hello Kitty on my bed all the time. The quality is just brilliant and it's so cosy. There's so many Hello Kittys on my bed right now!

Some close up shots of the design. The first pic, the bottom pattern is what's on the underside of the duvet, I guess you could use it that way too if you wanted. And the second pic is a bit of a close up at the design. It's all about being at the park so there's trees and a fountain and Hello Kitty and loads of her friends!

I'm thinking about buying another one next pay day just so I can have Hello Kitty on my bed forever! So look forward to another post on Hello Kitty bedding when I buy them all!


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