23 November 2011

New job!

This week, I started my new job in PC World. I did a training day last Sunday and I was in a HUGE Currys/PC World store and I found a few little technological kawaii cuties and I thought I'd share them with you ^_^

First off we have a few mini portable speakers in the shape of some little cute animals..

Little Bunny!

Panda. Ooh!

Bear. Rooarr!

And also some bigger speakers..

A cute little moo-cow!

And lets not forget everyone's favourite Hello Kitty!

I did my first day of proper work yesterday, and my second is tomorrow. It's quite fun. Being surrounded by technology all day is lovely! Hopefully I'll be able to buy some cute speakers soon with my first pay!

Do you have any kawaii tech?

Oyasumi Nasai!


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